Book Review in Printmaking Today Winter 2005

Digital Art Studio
Bonny Pierce Lhotka
Karin Schminke
Dorothy Simpson Krause

Watson-Guptill, New York, USA, 2004
160 pp. Colour illustrations throughout.
Paperback 265 x 215 mm. US$ 29.95
ISBN 0 8230 1342 1

While digital technology offers the artist new horizons in imaging making, it has lacked the broad range of material qualities traditionally associated with the fine art print. Digital Art Studio goes some way towards addressing this. Authors Bonny Pierce Lhotka, Karin Schminke and Dorothy Simpson Krause offer a range of ways for taking digitally produced prints into new realms. While brief on digital capture and manipulation (which other books cover), this book adds a more handcrafted dimensionl. Methods for coating surfaces such as fine art papers, canvas and other fabrics show inkjet images may be printed on a very diverse range of surfaces.

The book covers both basic and advanced processes and is well illustrated with all three authors' work. Most of the techniques are quite straight-forward and accessible to those who own desktop printers or have access to larger wide-format printers; however, some of the more robust surfaces require the use of more specialized printers with straight paper paths.

Highly recommended for the artist who wants more than is currently on offer from digital printing, although those who rely on their high-street bureau may hit a brick wall.

Dr. Paul Thirkell, ARE
University of the West of England, Bristol

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